Getting Started

Revised December 2018

After twenty-seven years helping adults pursue personal, career, and academic goals through higher education, I’m excited to begin seeing clients in private practice.

I’m offering 60 minute sessions – on Saturdays – which I hope will appeal to busy professionals, or anyone else who sees Saturday as a time to slow down, engage reflectively, and invest some energy into self-care.

My calm and reassuring style is part personality but also somewhat attributable to extensive training I have undergone in the area of Mindful Presence, which encompasses my hope to provide you with a safe and supportive environment to explore your aspirations, challenges, concerns, and dreams.

While past experience is not a guarantee of future success, I have worked effectively¬†with adults over a wide range of concerns and am as committed to personal growth and development as I am to improving ‘mental health.’

I enjoy helping clients with career revisioning, changing relationships, creative problem-solving, depression and anxiety, life transitions, stress and wellness, and work-related issues.

Past clients have described me as attentive, very approachable, understanding, very genuine and authentic, peaceful and calming, and not judgemental, and if our working together seems appropriate then I hope these may reflect some of what you experience, as well.

Updated Text (December 2018): I am not affiliated with any insurance panels, but do offer what I believe to be a very fair sliding scale pricing for sessions that I am happy to discuss in more detail with you if you are considering working together. Self-pay provides you with a different kind of choice and latitude in charting what you want from our work without the need for obtaining approvals or sharing information with insurance companies. Clients may use health saving accounts, or other cards and I use Square to process payments.


More about Mindful Presence in Psychotherapy (TM) may be found here

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