What’s New?

Beginning in 2022, having adapted to the covid pandemic challenges and fully incorporated telemental health (TMH) practices to his work with clients, Bates transitioned to full TMH mode and ended his physical presence with Sage Center Atlanta. In Fall 2023, Sage Center Atlanta also transitioned to full TMH mode and no longer sees clients at their former Henderson Mill Road location.

Bates is currently limiting his client caseload through mysaturdaytherapist.com but welcomes inquiries from anyone interested in potential work together. Check the Making Contact page at this site for contact information.

What happened to the Psychology Today listing?

Based on having operated for most of 2018 at what is essentially my capacity for seeing clients, I made the decision to discontinue my Psychology Today posting. Therefore you may no longer see that link on this page or find me there through a new search. I wanted to post this information to provide clarity that I remain in practice and consider taking new clients as they come forward.  Most everything from that former posting remains accurate: I work with adults (individuals) on a range of issues, offer a sliding scale, and see clients on Saturdays (actually, only Saturdays).

Here are a few other excepts from that post that I placed there to describe what I offer:

mysaturdaytherapist.com asks: Is stress from work or relationships causing you distress? Is worry, anxiety, or depression getting worse not better? Is your confidence suffering or you’re feeling stuck? Putting your change and coping strategies into focus can help build positive movement, contribute to a sense of progress, and may improve your energy and self esteem. This can be especially helpful during important life transitions, when we’re not where we expected to be, or when it feels like we’re falling further and further behind. So . . . Saturday suit you?

At mysaturdaytherapist.com, I use an integrative approach grounded in Mindful Presence (see mindfulpresence.com for more). My hope is to develop a safe and comfortable space for you to feel heard and understood so together we can discover and help you do what’s best for you and your success.

Saturday Only? That’s right! Maybe you’re a busy professional, or Saturday is your time to engage reflectively and invest some energy into self-care. My standard appointments are 60 minutes so you have time to share your concerns without feeling rushed and allow your creative process to fully engage.

Specialities include Stress, Life Transitions, and Coping Skills.

Among Treatment Approaches, I draw from the following among others:

  • Client-Directed Outcome-Informed Therapy
  • Coaching
  • Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)
  • Culturally Sensitive
  • Integrative
  • Mindful Presence in Psychotherapy (TM)
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Positive Psychology
  • Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT)
  • Relationship-Centered, Learning-Focused
  • Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT)

A Bates Canon, LPC#002599 Georgia (since 1997), Certified Professional Counselor Supervisor CPCS#445 Georgia (since 2015).

Graduated University of Georgia, Master of Education, Community Counseling 1990. 28 years professional practice.

My Saturday Therapist Welcomes You!

If Saturdays are your time for taking care of you, perhaps a licensed professional counselor with twenty years of experience can help.

Now scheduling Saturday appointments!

My standard appointments are 60 minutes so you have time to discuss your concerns without feeling rushed. My hope is to provide you with a safe and comfortable space and for you to feel like you are being listened to by a caring and trusted professional.

For more information about my approach, scheduling, and rates, please call 678-465-7537.

Sliding scale adjustments available for self-pay clients, as well as Square pay for easy debit or credit card processing.

Bates Canon, LPC, LLC

Getting Started

Revised December 2018

After twenty-seven years helping adults pursue personal, career, and academic goals through higher education, I’m excited to begin seeing clients in private practice.

I’m offering 60 minute sessions – on Saturdays – which I hope will appeal to busy professionals, or anyone else who sees Saturday as a time to slow down, engage reflectively, and invest some energy into self-care.

My calm and reassuring style is part personality but also somewhat attributable to extensive training I have undergone in the area of Mindful Presence, which encompasses my hope to provide you with a safe and supportive environment to explore your aspirations, challenges, concerns, and dreams.

While past experience is not a guarantee of future success, I have worked effectively with adults over a wide range of concerns and am as committed to personal growth and development as I am to improving ‘mental health.’

I enjoy helping clients with career revisioning, changing relationships, creative problem-solving, depression and anxiety, life transitions, stress and wellness, and work-related issues.

Past clients have described me as attentive, very approachable, understanding, very genuine and authentic, peaceful and calming, and not judgemental, and if our working together seems appropriate then I hope these may reflect some of what you experience, as well.

Updated Text (December 2018): I am not affiliated with any insurance panels, but do offer what I believe to be a very fair sliding scale pricing for sessions that I am happy to discuss in more detail with you if you are considering working together. Self-pay provides you with a different kind of choice and latitude in charting what you want from our work without the need for obtaining approvals or sharing information with insurance companies. Clients may use health saving accounts, or other cards and I use Square to process payments.


More about Mindful Presence in Psychotherapy (TM) may be found here http://mindfulpresence.com/.

Bates Canon, LPC, LLC